Microneedling is a minimally invasive skin treatment that can be used to stimulate collagen and elastin and improve the overall tone and texture of the skin.

What is Microneedling?

Benefits from microneedling are:

  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tighten and plump the skin
  • Improve hyperpigmentation and sun damage
  • Lessen the appearance stretch marks
  • Reduce or eliminate enlarged pores
  • Treat acne and acne scars
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The treatment

  • How it works?
  • What to expect?
  • Who is a good candidate?
  • Is there any aftercare required?
  • Is it safe?
  • The results?
  • What are the costs?

How does it work?

Microneedling uses a medical device that consists of many tiny needles to create micro punctures into the skin in order to stimulate your body’s natural healing response which creates new collagen, elastin and increased skin cell turn over.  These tiny punctures create an injury which your body has to repair and does so by building up new collagen and elastin which leads to firmer, plumper and more youthful looking skin. These small channels in the skin also serve as entry ports for your beauty and skin products such vitamin serums and growth factor creams.

One of the latest developments in micro-needling is the use of growth factors to aid in the regeneration of fresh new cells and tissues to improve the skin at a cellular level beneath the surface.  At Face & Body Boutique a growth factor and peptide serum will be applied after your procedure to work synergistically in aiding the collagen-building process.

What to expect?

After an in depth consultation at Face & Body Boutique in Amsterdam, a treatment plan will be made depending on your goals for your skin.  The skin will be cleansed and an anesthetic cream is applied. Due to the anesthesia, the procedure is very tolerable. Growth Factors and peptides are applied and left on overnight.

The number of sessions depends on the skin condition, but typically it is recommended to have 3-5 treatments in 4-6 week intervals with maintenance treatments every 6-9 months.

Who is a good candidate?

Microneedling can be performed on all skin types and is safe for all skin tones.

Is there any aftercare required?

Downtime varies with each individual and treatment issue.  Swelling and redness is possible and can range from a few hours to 7 days depending on the needle depth and number of passes determined by your provider.  This will be discussed in depth in your consultation.  It is important for patients to avoid irritating products post procedure like vitamin A cream, retinoids, glycolic acid or salicylic acid. 

Is it safe?

The treatment is safe for all skin tones and skin types.  However, patients with active acne, skin infections or cold sores cannot be treated. It is important to wear sunscreen after the treatment to reduce the risk of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) after sun exposure. Darker pigmented skin tones are at higher risk of PIH so extra care should be taken with sun protection.

The results?

Microneedling increases collagen and elastin stimulation which leads to more radiant skin.  Microneedling can be used to decrease pore size, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin tone and texture.

What are the costs?

Microneedling small surface (eg. scar)€ 125
Microneedling middle/big surface (eg. a part of the face)€ 185
Microneedling big surface (ed. whole face)€ 225
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