The Cellfina™ System is the new FDAapproved and minimally invasive procedure to target and eliminate cellulite on the buttocks and thighs. 

What is Cellfina?

Cellfina works by targeting the fibrous septal bands that pull down on the skin which create dimples.  Cellfina releases the bands which smooths the skin.  The results are clinically proven, immediate and long lasting.

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The treatment

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  • Is there any aftercare required?
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How does Cellfina work?

Cellfina works by targeting the fibrous septal bands pulling down on the skin by releasing this structural issue through a process called “subcision”.  The Cellfina system uses advanced technology which allows the device to target each band precisely.  The result is a smooth and even skin surface. 


What to expect?

After a complete and detailed consultation and explanation from the practitioner, the dimples will be marked and photos will be taken.  The patient will lay down on their stomach and the treatment area is cleaned and prepped.  Using the Cellfina System technology the area is numbed with lidocaine in order for the experience to be pain–free.  After the numbing is complete, the practitioner will use the Cellfina system with vacuum–assisted technology to precisely target and treat each septal band that causes the cellulite dimple.  The Cellfina system uses a small needle device that subcises each fibrous septal band.  The procedure can take 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the number of dimples that need to be treated. 

Who is a good candidate?

Cellulite are the dimples and unevenness found on the buttocks and back of the thighs.  Cellulite is caused by a structural issue in the deeper tissue under the skin.  Under the skin, there are vertical fibrous bands called septae.  The septae anchor the muscle to the skin which in turn pulls the skin, creating an impression or dimple.  Men have cross–hatched fibrous septae and women have vertical septae, which is the reason that cellulite is more common in women.  Cellfina targets these septal bands, releasing them in order to eliminate or significantly improve dimples.

Cellulite is very common among women of all ages, and is caused by many factors.  Over 80% of post- adolescent women have cellulite, while it is less common in men.  There is no single cause for cellulite: it can be driven by diet, lack of exercise, hormone fluctuations and genetics.  Some people can’t get rid of cellulite no matter how frequently they visit the gym and can feel very self conscious and embarrassed wearing a bathing suit or clothes that reveal the skin.  Cellfina is the only FDA–approved, minimally invasive procedure to target this issue.

Is there any aftercare required?

There is limited downtime associated with Cellfina. At first, patients may experience soreness, bruising and swelling but the side effects resolve quickly over time. It is recommended to allow your body 24 hours to rest. The next day it is possible to continue your daily activities.

Is it safe?

Cellfina is FDA approved and is a safe and effective procedure.  It is minimally invasive, and our practitioners have received an intensive course and certification to perform this procedure.

The results?

The first results will be visible after 3 days. After three months the optimum results will be visible. Studies show that patient continue to report cellulite reduction two years post Cellfina procedure.

Price of the Cellfina

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