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Freeze unwanted fat away with cryolipolysis


Brows are one of a person’s most important facial features because of the many tasks they perform. They help emphasize the eyes, shape the face, and play an important role in communication. Of course, not everyone is born with perfectly-manicured brows; but it is possible to achieve a beautiful set up brows with the brow lamination technique.

What is Brow lamination?

Brow Lamination involves straightening and lifting brow hair by using a solution, which allows more flexibility to redirect the hair upwards into place. This gives the brows that trendy, sleek and fluffy look that lasts for weeks with minimal upkeep. This is great if you are looking for this beautiful effect without the need of brow gel or if your natural hairs point downward or are unruly or curly.

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The treatment

How does it work?

This is a two-step treatment process for your brows. First, keratin that functions as a brow lift solution is applied on the brows to soften the hair. This makes it possible to manipulate the hair into a new desired direction of growth. The second step consists of a nourishing neutralizing solution that strengthens the structure of the hair but also sets your new perfect brows into place. Lastly, the treatment is set with a hydrating gel that gives the brows a beautiful glow and shine.

What to expect?

Brow lamination is like a “perm” treatment for your brows, as it sets them in place for a period of 4-6 weeks. There is minimal upkeep which will make your morning routine faster. You won’t need your brow gel for this period but only a daily brushing of the hairs when you wake up.

Who is a good candidate?

If you have curly or stubborn brow hair, then this is your treatment. This treatment is also great for those with very thin and fine hair and is the perfect way to get that sleek, trendy look.

Is there any aftercare required?

It is advised to avoid water, moisture, products or make up on the brows for the first 24 hours post treatment. Clients must avoid steamy showers, saunas or heated exercise.

Is it safe?

A brow lift treatment is not harmful to the brows, but it is advisable to take a 2 month break between treatments. This treatment is not recommended for pregnant women, while breastfeeding or if the skin around the brows is irritated.

The results?

The results will reveal a stunning set of beautifully groomed, fluffy and uniform brows. 

What are the costs?

The Lip Blush treatment implants pigment in the lip area to create the look of naturally pink lips. This technique involves implanting pigment in a series of tiny dots throughout the lip area.


  • It saves time with your daily routine and applying makeup on
  • It can give you back the shape of your lips you once had or wish you could achieve
  • No recovery time
  • Natural results

After a consultation, we decide what lip shape and color works best for you depending on your skin type, facial features and lip symmetry. Then, by using an individual needle and a tattoo machine we implant that pigment into your lip area in several layers.

Good candidates for The Lip Blush treatment may have pale or asymmetrical lips.  The Lip Blush treatment is also great for those who are looking for a natural and perfect lips without the use of daily make up.  Before the procedure everyone should avoid alcohol, exposure to the sun and avoid waxing or spray tans.

Immediately after the procedure there can be redness, but the result can be shown instantly.  In the next two weeks, excessive sweating and hot water to the lips should be avoided.  Avoid chemical peels and acids as well. It is necessary that they heal and dry naturally.

The Lip Blush Treatment is a safe procedure as we use only individual needles. There might be some bleeding, which is normal, but nothing else to expect.  The procedure is not painful. If you are afraid of needles, we can use we topical liquid anesthesia during the process which relieves the pain.

The effect of the procedure is instant, but after 10-12 days it is slightly lighter.  A correction in one or two months to get the desired effect is necessary.  We will work with you to ensure you have the perfect lip shape and color for your face.

The Lip Blush Treatment —— 425 euro (375 euro + 50 euro touch up)

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