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Eyebrow Treatments

Eyebrows help to define, shape and frame the face and also play an important role in communication. Perfecting your brow shape, color, length and definition can have a dramatic impact on your facial features. Treatments address the size, shape and condition of the brow by maximizing and emphasizing existing brow hairs, or by creating the illusion of thicker, fuller brows using semi permanent makeup. As the body ages, brows can begin to appear droopy, creating the illusion of age or tiredness.


At Face & Body Boutique, we offer several services to perfect the eyebrows. Using your existing brow hairs, our Brow Lamination treatment gives a sleek and full finish that lasts for weeks with minimal upkeep. This is also excellent for hairs that down point in the right direction, including curly brow hairs. Henna brows tint the brows to cover light or gray hairs or to temporarily stain the skin under the brow for added fullness. Our Powder Effect Procedure uses semi-permanent makeup that enhances your natural brows. Similar to a tattoo, but the way the pigment is implanted into your brow area makes it look natural and lasts up to a year or two. Our Microblading procedure creates semi- permanent results using light, wispy hair strokes on your eyebrow ridge to supplement your natural eyebrows. Microblading can enhance your natural eyebrows or be used to completely change your eyebrow shape.

Microblading in Amsterdam

Eyebrow Treatments

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