Have a complaint?

Face & Body Boutique has a clear complaints procedure.  Complaints, suggestions for improvement and other signals from clients or third parties give us input to improve our quality and safety.

We would like to discuss your concerns and issues in person or you could ask our staff for the complaint form at send it to info@facebb.nl. We try to satisfactorily deal with  the complaint within four weeks following the GOMA code of conduct.

If you do not want to directly contact Face & Body Boutique to discuss the complaint, then you can complain through an independent complaints officer. Under the new Quality, Complaints and Disputes Act (Wkkgz) healthcare providers, under which cosmetic doctors, are obliged to join a recognized Disputes Authority and to provide an independent complaints officer. Face & Body Boutique is a member with the Disputes Authority and independent complaints officers DOKh, dokh.nl.

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