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Blog: It’s not a Filler…It’s not a Skinbooster… It’s Profhilo!

Profhilo is the new injectable hyaluronic acid “skinbooster” released by IBSA Italia.  The product is getting a lot of buzz due to its unique properties that allows it to not only provide hydrated and glowing skin but also stimulate collagen and elastin. We are excited to be able to offer Profhilo as it is a new solution for those patients that are looking to change their skin but are not quite ready for fillers.

What is Profhilo?

Profhilo is different than traditional fillers because its molecule make up allows the product to spread like honey under the skin which leads to a nice glow rather than increased volume.  Traditional fillers are used to contour the face or plump the lips.  Profhilo is made 100% of a non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid which naturally occurs in the body.

Profhilo is also a breakthrough in aesthetics because it can be used to hydrate and treat thin skin on the neck, knees and arms.  The procedure only consists of 5 injection points and then the product spreads on its own under the skin.  The smoothness of the product ensures that no lumps occur after injection.  There is a little stinging at each injection site but the procedure is tolerable.  This is the perfect solution for our 30-year-old patients who are beginning to see skin changes and fine lines and wrinkles.  It is also a great solution for our older patients to use Profhilo in conjunction with other dermal fillers.  The results have been phenomenal and this is the product we have been missing the last few years.  This award-winning product is a new impressive addition to the clinic

Profhilo bij Face Body Boutique skincare clinic
Face Body Boutique cosmetic clinic

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