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Age Spots Treatments

Also called liver spots, age spots appear as small dark patches of skin that vary in size, shape and color. Age spots occur when the top layer of the skin expands and develops, what looks like, a large freckle. Although more common in older people, age spots can be hereditary and appear prematurely. 


At Face & Body Boutique, we offer nearly a dozen treatments within our skin rejuvenation category that will remove and reduce age spots, leaving skin revived, and glowing.

Face Body Boutique Amsterdam

Age Spots Treatments


Face & Body Boutique uses the innovative Cryopen which uses liquefied nitrous oxide to destroy lesions by freezing them in a matter of seconds.

Microneedling Amsterdam


Microneedling is a minimally invasive skin treatment that can be used to stimulate collagen and elastin and improve the overall tone and texture of the skin.

Peelings met natuurlijke resultaten


Chemical peels are used to improve imperfections of your skin because a thin layer of the epidermis is removed. This can be used to treat unevenly pigmented and wrinkled skin and improve the color and texture to create a radiant, healthy and youthful appearance.

Ultherapy Amsterdam

VPL Laser

Variabel pulse light laser. At Face & Body Boutique we use the VPL Ultra Plus Energist to target multiple issues, including redness in the skin, rosacea, blood vessels, hyperpigmentation, acne, age spots and hair removal.