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Elizabeth Cook

Elizabeth Cook, PA-C graduated with honors from the University of Texas at Austin and received her Masters’s as a Physician Assistant from Midwestern University in Chicago. Upon graduation from Midwestern, Elizabeth specialized in cosmetic and general dermatology. 

 Elizabeth has 10 years of experience in cosmetic medicine and dermatology. She is highly trained in injectables and minimally invasive anti-aging and dermatological procedures.

Elizabeth is excited to be in the Netherlands to help bring a new and exciting perspective to the anti-aging market. She believes in a dynamic and multi-disciplinary approach that includes treating each cause of aging as they occur in her patients’ lives. This allows for a holistic philosophy to help patients feel and look great as they get older.  She continues to return to work with Dr. Laurie Casas and Dr. Andrew Scheman in Chicago to stay updated on the newest trends and technology in the US.

Face & Body Boutique welcomes you to make a Free Consultation with Elizabeth Cook where she will explain the aging process, provide tips and tricks to keep you looking young and give you an individualized treatment plan based on your goals and anti- aging needs.

‘When I came to Holland I envisioned a clinic that would exceed our patients’ expectations on both results and service.
What I wanted was to take what I learned in the US and merge it with an international team bringing the best and newest techniques from around the world.’

BIG Number: 29925058781

Team Face Body Boutique internationale experts
Team Face Body boutique

Adriana Villadiego Pereira

Dr. Adriana Villadiego Pereira is our cosmetic doctor (KNMG) and medical director. She studied medicine in Colombia where she gained extensive experience in both Plastic Surgery and Dermatology. She has also worked in Infectious Diseases and Emergency medicine. She learned the latest trends and techinques in Latin America where she developed her love for aesthetics. In the Netherlands, Adriana continued her Dutch medical training at the Leiden University Medical Center. She subsequently specialized in cosmetic medicine and gained extensive experience at various clinics in the Netherlands.

Dr. Adriana Pereira is a member of the Dutch Association of Cosmetic Medicine (NVCG) and the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM) and holds a degree in “Aesthetic Medicine” from the AAAM. She also follows training with the NVCG and is obtaining her Master in Aesthetic Medicine and Antiaging in Spain.

Dr. Adriana stays up to date on aesthetic medicine and has a passion for learning the best for her patients. 

Her motto is: ”Always be yourself! You can enhance beauty, correct irregularities, slow down aging, but don’t erase what makes you unique.”

BIG Number: 09919359001


Drs. Nazanin A. Mozafari

“A personal treatment and advice tailored to the individual is indispensable for a natural result,” says Nazanin A. Mozafari, Cosmetic Physician, MD, MSc. Doctor Naas completed her medical studies at Erasmus University Rotterdam. During her studies, she focused on plastic/cosmetic surgery. After completing her medical studies, Doctor Naas chose to immediately combine her passions for cosmetics and medicine. She has already performed more than 8,000 treatments. Consequently, she is an experienced KNMG-certified physician who, in her role as a trainer (ultrasound-guided injections and Ultherapy), knows precisely the ins and outs. Doctor Naas is very skilled, honest, and values a pleasant and personal relationship.
BIG nummer: 59925559301
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We are thrilled to introduce Dr. Dietske, a highly accomplished addition to our team. With her exceptional background and expertise, she brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to our practice. 
Doctor Dietske completed her medical education at the University of Amsterdam. During her training, she completed various clinical internships within surgery, both in the Netherlands and abroad. She has gained scientific experience with research in intensive care.
She has always had a great passion for skincare and everything that comes with it. Cosmetic medicine was therefore a logical next step for her. After her education, she, therefore, followed international training and was able to shadow various experts in cosmetic medicine.
One of Dr. Dietske’s greatest strengths lies in her meticulous approach to aesthetic care. With genuine care and attention, she aims to enhance and maintain the unique and distinctive features of each individual she treats. Her passion for lips and her in-depth knowledge of skincare allow her to collaborate with patients on their journey towards sustainable facial rejuvenation.
When you choose Dr. Dietske as your provider, you can expect a personalized experience tailored to your specific needs and desires. She listens attentively to your aesthetic goals and crafts a treatment plan that aligns with your aspirations. With her expertise, she ensures that you achieve the desired results while maintaining a natural appearance.

BIGnummer: 19928925401
Facebodyboutique - meet the team

Mariia Tyminska

Maria Tyminska studied dermatology in Ukraine, where she earned board-certification and obtained her medical degree at the top of her class at the National Medical University in Kyiv, Ukraine. After completing her dermatology training, she relocated to the Netherlands. 

Maria strives to combine a strong doctor-patient connection with her medical experience to achieve the best possible patient outcomes. Her desire to connect her passion for aesthetics and the joy of helping people feel confident brought her to Face&Body Boutique.

Maria has experience with a wide variety of skin care treatments and products. She believes in recommending a treatment plan based on each individual patient’s needs and goals. Her expertise and warm energy help her patients look their best while feeling comfortable and safe.

You can see Maria at the clinic for consultations and non-invasive skin treatments such as Vivace and micro needling.  Maria is in the process of getting her BIG registration in the Netherlands.  Once she is BIG registered, she looks forward to continuing her injectable treatments such as Botox and Filler.  In the meantime, you can see Maria in the clinic for consultations and non-invasive skin treatments such as Vivace and microneedling,

Leanne Di Fraïa

Leanne started her career in the UK where she developed her knowledge and passion for skin improvement and anti-aging techniques. Leanne has been in the industry for 10 years and knows the latest tips and tricks to keep you looking your best. Leanne trained and gained extensive knowledge in the field of medical skin treatments and specialises in microneedling, microdermabrasion, Vivace and skin peels to treat acne, pigmentation, scars and skin aging.

With her skills and expertise Leanne strives to help her patients look and feel like the best version of themselves.

Team Face Body Boutique internationale experts
Team Face Body Boutique internationale experts

Nina de Pasquale

After her training as an all-round beauty specialist, Nina followed a course in Skin Therapy at The Hague University. After obtaining her Bachelor’s degree and gaining a lot of work experience as a skin therapist at various practices in the Netherlands and Curaçao, she has experienced the medical and cosmetic side of the field. After working in different clinics and collaborating with cosmetic doctors she developed a passion for cosmetic medicine. As a skin therapist, she finds it fantastic to be able to work with cosmetic practitioners. Working together with doctors means that a total package can be offered under one roof and the best results can be achieved.
Her specialization and experience lie in skin-improving treatments, where she often uses peels and laser therapy to successfully treat acne, pigmentation spots, couperose, scars and skin aging. She strives for a pleasant treatment atmosphere, in which she takes the patient step by step into the treatment process.
Her strength is that, in addition to having the medical and cosmetic knowledge of course, she works in a goal-oriented, specialized and problem-solving way, resulting in beautiful healthy skin!

Laura Timmer

Laura Timmer, our esteemed clinic manager at Face & Body Boutique, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role. She is a dedicated professional who is committed to providing exceptional service and care to our clients.

Laura’s journey in the world of skincare and management began with her graduation from the hospitality school, where she specialized in Management and Entrepreneurship. During her academic years and various internships, she had the opportunity to develop her knowledge in communication and management. This foundation has been instrumental in shaping her successful career.

Her love for skincare led her to pursue additional training and certifications, ultimately becoming a certified skin specialist. Laura is well-versed in a variety of cutting-edge skin treatments, including Vivace, peelings, and microneedling. Her passion for helping clients achieve their skincare goals is evident in her dedication to staying up-to-date with the latest techniques and technologies in the field.

What sets Laura apart is her genuine care for our clients. She goes above and beyond to answer all your questions, making sure you have a thorough understanding of the treatments you receive. Her welcoming and friendly personality creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere in our clinic, where clients feel at ease and confident in the care they receive.

When you visit Face & Body Boutique, you can trust that Laura will be there to guide you on your skincare journey and make your experience as pleasant and satisfying as possible.

Team Face Body Boutique internationale experts
Facebodyboutique - meet the team

Vanessa Vurchio

Vanessa began on her path as skin specialist by studying at The Australian Academy of Beauty, Dermal, and Laser, where her dedication earned her the title of “Student of the Year” and “Student with The Highest Rebooking Rate.”
Her early years were focused on holistic spa therapies, and later, she delved into the science of skincare, learning to heal from the inside out. Armed with a Paramedical Esthetician Certification, Vanessa gained a deep understanding of how the skin functions on a molecular level.
As a versatile expert, Vanessa’s specialty lies in Acne Management and Treatment, where she helps clients regain their confidence through healthier, clearer skin. She firmly believes that beautiful skin begins with managing stress, environmental factors, and maintaining a tailored skincare routine at home, complemented by in-clinic treatments. As a skin specialist, Vanessa will treat patients with vivace, facials, cryolipolysis, microneedling and peelings.
What sets Vanessa apart is her genuine care for her patients. She strives to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for everyone who seeks her expertise.
Vanessa’s background combines a fusion of science, holistic philosophy, and patient-centered care. With her knowledge, passion, and genuine concern, she is ready to guide you toward radiant, healthy skin.

Marieke de Bruyn

Introducing our newest addition to the team, Marieke, our Patient Relations and Clinic Coordinator! We couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome her aboard. Marieke is a graduate of Oregon State University, where she delved into the intricacies of business analytics, with a specialized focus on digital marketing analytics.

Her journey into the beauty industry stems from a profound passion, particularly in skincare and cosmetics. Eager to immerse herself in our range of treatments, Marieke is dedicated to advancing her career within this vibrant field.

At Face & Body Boutique, Marieke wears many hats, primarily managing customer relations and overseeing the smooth operation of our clinic. Renowned for her exceptional customer service skills, she is committed to fostering a warm and inviting atmosphere for all our clients. Fluent in both Dutch and English, Marieke is poised to engage with our diverse clientele and international community.

Facebodyboutique - meet the team